Orthomat FMC12

Orthomat FMC12

The Mahlo Orthomat FMC12 features a number of scanners and lamps that are spaced evenly across the online material. The cloth runs between the sensors and lamps, and each pick or knitted course modulates the intensity of the light measured by the scanners. The repetitive nature of the passing picks or courses create a regular light-dark pattern, which generates a modulated signal in the scanner's receiver system. A centrally-pivoted, cylindrical lens in the scanner oscillates to a specific angle in relation to the passing picks. When the lens is parallel with the pick or course, signal modulation is at its maximum. lt then decreases as the oscillating lens progressively cuts across the weft line. Unwanted signals that differ from the frequency of the picks, knitted courses or rows of tufts are filtered out digitally, so that the system can analyse the pure bow and skew-related signals and, from those, automatically compute the weft or course configuration.
Manufactured by: Mahlo GmbH & Co. KG., Germany

      Key Features 
  • Redesigned, optimized optics with improved contrast and depth of focus
  • New motor and mechanisms that ensure high accuracy
  • Signals processed precisely and instantaneously; high responsiveness ensures that angle of distortion and pick density are detected and corrected even at high line speed

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