FGX 2 Cylinder Wire

FGX 2 Cylinder Wire

Cylinder clothings play a major role in cotton processing when it comes to optimal reduction of neps and dirt particles. The quality of a cylinder wire itself, in turn, is primarily determined by a high precision during manufacturing and the selection of optimum tooth geometries. Truetzschler's FGX 2 Cylinder Wire features an innovative straight tooth back that ensures gentler carding while simultaneously allowing fibres to interact with the flat tops intensively. The long tooth back forms a robust carding edge. Wear is considerably lower than with filigree-shaped teeth. In practice, resharpening of FG clothings is eliminated, which means no maintenance.
Manufactured by: Truetzschler Card Clothing, Germany

      Key Features 
  • New cylinder geometry and innovative tooth shape
  • Reduced service intervals (almost <50%)
  • Reduced IPI levels
  • Improvement in sliver quality
  • Consistent performance
  • Longer service life
  • Reduced classimat faults
  • Wire for all applications 760 PPSI, 827 PPSI, 949 PPSI
  • Better quality; consistent over long periods of time
  • Gentler carding with innovative straight tooth back
  • Increased economic efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance - resharpening of FG clothings is elimnated

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