Diamondtec Denim Diamond Finishing Machine

Diamondtec Denim Diamond Finishing Machine

Diamond denim finishing is a chemical-free pre-finish for flat denim fabric. It enables effects such as colour fade and stable soft touch, and meets all economic and ecological requirements for sustainable manufacturing in surface finishing for denims.

The processing and consistency is guaranteed for millions of meters. Diamond denim finishing positively impacts laundry processes. Shorter wash processing not only ensures lesser water consumption, it also reduces energy used in washing, reduces chemical usage, and produces less wastewater. Another advantage is improved garment wash efficiency.

Wash recipe with DDF at garment laundry

  1. rinse ABS, wash no desizing
  2. intensive ABS or natural enzyme wash
  3. intensive ABS wash + peroxide bleach

Manufactured by: Matchpoint GmbH, Germany

  • Diamond denim finishing effects include dark shade + soft touch, mid-blue shade + soft touch, and light blue shade + soft touch
  • Chemical-free process
  • Imparts soft-touch and used look to denim fabric
  • Savings of 30-50% at laundry side
  • Lesser water and energy consumption
  • Reduction of wash detergents and auxiliaries
  • Faster laundry process, higher productivity
  • No need of stone washing
  • No more hand sanding needed
  • Better rubbing fastness on denim surface
  • Improved tearing, specially for bright shades
  • Improved behaviour of Lycra/Elastane constructions
  • Permanent denim fabric softening without chemicals or stones
  • No grey cast after bleaching

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