(Automatic dissolving and sending of Aux in powder form)

DAP dosing system prepares highly concentrated solutions (up to 1:1) from powder chemicals. The dissolution tank can be supplied in different capacities (360 or 500L) and it is mounted on loading cells, the product is dosed directly into the dissolution water to make the cycle faster. A centrifugal pump recirculates and then sends the bath to users. The dosing and distribution of 300 kg in 300L of water is accomplished in 10 minutes. Products are stored in different capacity silos (from 450L up to 60 mc) made in fiberglass, a hermetic material offering high mechanical resistance and a considerable thermal insulation. They have a long life as they do not rust or oxidize, moreover, they do not require any maintenance. Every silo is fitted with an internal vibration system and irrigation screw in stainless steel driven by a gear motor, to adjust the irrigation speed.
Manufactured by: Color Service s.r.l., Italy

  • SS vessel without employing a mixer, 300L or 500 L capacity dosing by screw
  • ìDOSING speed - Up to 300 kg per minute
  • Possibility to manage dangerous products (Hydrosulphite)
  • Delivery of the products with a high concentration

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