(Spreading Machine)

This Morgan spreading machine also makes it possible to create and manage several different fabric profiles from the on-board PC and get different accelerations, speeds, levels of tension, and other parameters. The use of brushless motors and the electronic control of every function allows for incredibly fast but smooth acceleration. This guarantees the best spreading quality, even with most elastic and slippery materials or irregular step lays.
A special cradle, made of double solid PVC belt (not parallel stripes) guarantees perfect and even grip throughout the fabric width. The electronically controlled 'dancer bar' is double positioned and located under the knife box for higher sensitivity and accuracy in tension-free spreading. Maximum reliability and maintenance are facilitated by the machine's auto-diagnosis system and Wi-Fi connection for remote support. The machine is also prepared to interface with MD COP and MD Analytics.
Manufactured by: Morgan Tecnica SpA, Italy

      Key Features 
  • Spreading modes include face up, one way and zig zag, with or without ends cut (lap laying)
  • Cradle with double PVC belt
  • Auto-diagnosis system
  • Electronic tension-free device
  • Automatic edge alignment by photocells
  • Encoder device
  • Spreading with and without end catchers
  • Fabric usage report
  • Possibility to spread from fabric roll, open folded fabric
  • Possibility to store 24 different parameters
  • Both ways cutting device with adjustable speed
  • Innovative fabric feeding system (patented)
  • Multi-purpose machine; suitable for use with various fabrics
  • Saves fabric with overlapping management and roll end optimisation
  • Improves quality and productivity
  • Easy to use: touchscreen with Windows OS
  • Easy to connect with Wi-Fi connection

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