Corino Wet Slitter

Corino Wet Slitter

Corino wet slitting plants come with a bio wash tank system that makes it the preferred choice for textile processors.
Manufactured by: Corino Macchine S.p.A., Italy

      Key Features 
  • Provision of scroll rolls and centring devices
  • Two alternative ways of opening after slitting
  • 3 driven rolls for taking the padder till the padder
  • Special padder entry device after entry
  • Stainless steel blades for slitting
  • Hydraulic turntable made from one single piece of 100 mm thickness/very sturdy. Higher turntable dia. of 2 m made of stainless steel
  • Less maintenance rope squeezer
  • Patented system to detect fabric twist
  • Special slit opening basket LT-07 (patented) to work without tensioning
  • Golden Eye technology for perfect slit execution
  • Special centering device with stainless steel slots after slit opening
  • Low installed power; only 24 kW for balloon padder
  • Higher loadable pressure on padder up to 60 kg/cm resulting in more water extraction
  • Lowest elongation

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