Continuous dosing system for cold pad batch (CPB) dyeing

Continuous dosing system for cold pad batch (CPB) dyeing

Feeding a precisely prepared dye-chemical solution into the trough of a CPB dyeing machine is an essential first step to producing fabric that is evenly dyed and with minimal shade variations. Conventional two-part metering pumps are unable to maintain the consistent 1:4 chemical to dye ratio due to the lack of a feedback loop. Due to this variability, the dye shade is negatively impacted in terms of uniformity of tone and hue. In A.T.E.'s continuous dosing system for cold pad batch (CPB) dyeing, however, a tight synchronisation is maintained between two pumps with the help of PLC and flow meter feedback. This enables independent control over both the chemical as well as dye liquor, thus eliminating variations in the chemical and dye ratio.
Manufactured by: A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited, India

  • Complete SS 304 skid
  • Flow switches to avoid the dry running of the pumps
  • PLC with HMI and VFD wired with switchgear in a fabricated SS304 control panel
  • Flowmeters (Krohne or E&H)
  • SS body centrifugal pump with motor for dye
  • Progressive cavity/gear pump with motor for chemical
  • Manual valves for cleaning and sampling
  • Both the dye and chemical pumps are regulated through a feedback system from the flowmeter. The ratio is kept constant by controlling the speed of a chemical pump with help of a VFD (variable frequency drive), in sync with a dye pump
  • Even a small change in the flow of the dye pump is sensed and the chemical pump will act quickly to keep the ratio constant
  • Level sensor feedback from the trough ensures that there is no overflow of liquor Fabric transport speed is calculated from the pulse frequency of the yardage counter and the calculation of the fabric throughput in kg/h
  • Pumps are regulated as long as the dosing station is switched on or the fabric transport is switched on
  • Actual dosing feedback is received from the flowmeters and is compared and corrected continuously with the set point threshold

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