Back coating and drying lines

Back coating and drying lines

Sellers provides complete coating, drying and shearing lines for tufted secondary backing, conventional and powder lamination, woven finishing for Axminster and Wilton carpets, artificial grass, carpet foam backing and bathmat products, tile coating lines for bitumen, PVC, and PU.
Manufactured by: Sellers Textile Engineers Limited, UK

  • Range of entry equipment including scrays, accumulators, cleaning, and conditioning drums
  • Range of exit equipment including scrays, accumulators, overhead guiding, slitting, nip rolls, twin-bladed cross-cut, and re-roll units
  • Entry scrays with “no carpet” detectors
  • Dedicated back and face cleaning units with full adjustment and extraction
  • Chest steamers, allowing controlled back and face steaming for latex penetration
  • Bow and weft correction equipment can be incorporated with tension control systems
  • Direct spread and lick roll applicators are available with full automated control
  • Latex applicators with traversing feed and circulation system
  • Heavy duty vertical chain, pinned stenter, up to 5000 mm wide
  • Compact unit requiring minimum floor space
  • Cleaning, basic back brushing, or option of back and face brushing
  • Back steaming with extraction canopy and fan
  • Lick roll applicator with adjustable settings
  • Precision tension control via inverter drives and transducers
  • Suitable for subsequent extension as factory output increases

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