Aprodoff for DK 780 / DK 803 / DK 903

Aprodoff for DK 780 / DK 803 / DK 903

Short fibres not only disrupt the uniformity of the carding operation but can also cause a large number of yarn breaks which will greatly disrupt the manufacturing processes. The shorter fibres need to be guided correctly during the cleaning stages in carding. This can be done using Truetzschler's aprodoff for DK 780 / DK 803 / DK 903 cards which effectively dots the shorter fibres so that no breakages occur during the carding. This ensures that resources are not wasted and the fibre is used efficiently. It also reduces disruptions during the process which could occur due to continuous breakage and/or deformity in the yarn.
Manufactured by: Truetzschler India Private Limited, India

      Key Features 
  • Effective doffing of shorter fibres
  • Suitable for DK 780/DK 803/DK 903 cards
  • Gentle guidance to web by moving aprons
  • Higher productivity by reducing disruptions to the manufacturing process
  • Higher efficiency (less end breakages)
  • Improves resource utilisation

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