Our Customer Service Group (CSG) is a one stop shop for all service needs of A.T.E.’s textile processing customers. With a crew of highly qualified competent and experienced service engineers, we offer a range of services that include:


Erection, commissioning, and relocation:


Our team of experienced engineers are trained to independently carry out installation as well as commissioning of textile processing machines supplied by our principals from across the globe.  With internationally acclaimed service expertise, A.T.E.’s CSG is able to provide the most cost-effective service solutions for erection and commissioning of these machines. A.T.E.’s engineers are also trained to handle multiple machines – an added advantage.


Trouble shooting:


By setting a service standard for service response in under 24 hours, A.T.E. has set a high benchmark for the industry.  Whether under warranty or post-warranty, our services are always available on call.  With a strong and dedicated team and with our vast service network, the CSG provides faster resolution of complaints. We have also provided our service team with specialized tools and have critical spare parts available locally, to facilitate faster problem resolution.


Annual Service Contract:


Our CSG undertakes Annual Service Contract for improving the maintenance and performance of machines. When under the ASC, we undertake preventive maintenance of machines at pre-determined intervals. During these visits, our engineers will assess the condition of the machine and recommend the spares which need to be replaced, to prevent any possible machine breakdown and to ensure its smooth performance.


Performance optimization:

Backed by deep domain knowledge of textile processes and specialised training, A.T.E.’s CSG possesses the expertise to optimize the performance of machines. Performance optimization covers detailed investigation, machine overhaul, and fine tuning that lead to improvement in productivity, quality, and energy optimisation.


Technological assistance:


We offer specialised technological assistance to our customers to resolve process-related complaints. The scope of such technological services includes the fine-tuning of processing parameters and cycles after a machine has been commissioned, regular machine health check-ups, and guidance for maintaining an adequate stock of spares. We also provide technological training to management and operating staff to impart skills and knowledge necessary for the smooth operation of your processing machines.


Spare parts handling:


A.T.E.’s CSG provides the convenience of a single source of contact for all your requirements of spare parts from various manufacturers. The CSG will arrange for the necessary co-ordination between you and the concerned principals right from obtaining a quote till the supply of the required spares.




We provide customised training to your maintenance, production, and engineering staff across all levels.  Training imparts the necessary skills and knowledge on all technical aspects of the machines such as operating parameters, maintenance practices, and more. We also advise your staff on what can be done to modernise your machine to ensure optimal productivity and quality.
We provide services for the following processing machinery:


Principal Machinery
Monforts, Germany Stenters, compressive shrinking ranges, e-control dyeing ranges, moist cross linking ranges (MXL), relax driers
Monfongs, China Stenters, compressive shrinking Ranges, curing ranges
Corino, Italy Tubular squeezer, complete slitting line with padders
Goller, Germany Mercerizers, bleaching ranges, washing ranges, pad stream ranges
Osthoff, Germany Singeing machines, online hairiness testers
Stalam, Italy Radio frequency dryers, hydro extractors
Mahlo, Germany Weft straighteners, process control equipment
Color Service, Italy Dye house automatic dispensing system
Guarneri Technology s.r.l., Italy Calenders
Zimmer, Austria Rotary printing machines, textile screen printing and finishing machines,  coating machines and digital printing machines
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