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Karl Mayer Academy India

KMIN Training Academy

Logo13The rapid growth of the Indian knitting industry has led to a corresponding rise in demand for skilled manpower in this sector.

A.T.E.’s long-time partner and leader in knitting machine manufacturing, Karl Mayer, supports its customers by providing training on various aspects of warp knitting such as warp knitting production, warp knit fabrics, and more.

The duration of these courses range from 2 to 5 days depending upon the variety, magnitude, and complexity of the topics covered. These courses are tailor-made for beginners, operators, as well as managers and decision-makers.


Warp Knit Operator's Course

Basic warp knitting course for novice warp knitting machine operators; imparts basic information on warp knitting technology.

Requirements: no special training and/or incomplete training on tricot machines

Training duration: 3 days

Topics covered:

  • Beam handling and loading of the machine
  • Handling of guide bars
  • Checking and replacement of knitting elements (such as needles, tongues, etc.)
  • Threading and start-up of the machine
  • Checking of the fabric according to the pattern specification
  • Machine maintenance, cleaning, and lubrication

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Warp Knit Basic Course

Basic warp knitting course for beginners to warp knitting; imparts basic information on warp knitting technology.

Training requirements: no requirements

Training duration: 5 days

Topics covered:

  • Basics of stitch formation
  • Fabric construction and lapping technology
  • Calculating yarn run-ins
  • Fabric analysis
  • Basic understanding of the mechanical principles of warp knitting

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Multibar Introduction

Introductory course on lace technology; provides trainees with the fundamentals and principal production possibilities of warp-knitted lace.

Training duration: 2 days

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Analysis Basics

This course on fabric analysis lasts three days and covers standard tricot fabrics available on the market, together with an analysis of the patterns. Fabrics currently available are examined under a microscope and shown as lapping schemes. This course is aimed at designers, product developers and company owners, among others.

Training duration: 3 days

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Management Special

This course contains compacted basic theory of warp knitting procedure and warp knitted products for managers and decision makers
Training duration: 5 days
Training topics:

  • Compacted basic theory of warp knitting procedure and warp knitted products; schedule will be adapted to the special needs of the participants

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Shrilesh Trilokekar
KARL MAYER Academy India

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