Godrej and A.T.E. chosen as a finalist for the Global Cooling Prize!

A joint development of Godrej and Boyce Manufacturing Company and A.T.E. Enterprises has been chosen as a finalist for the Global Cooling Prize! The Global Cooling Prize (https://globalcoolingprize.org/) is a major international innovation challenge to develop a climate-friendly residential cooling solution that can provide access to cooling to people around the world without warming the planet. This contest was launched by the Rocky Mountain Institute (USA), the Indian government, and Mission Innovation (an international consortium of countries).

Global cooling prize - ATE Group  Global cooling prize - ATE Group

Only 8 entries out of a total of 139 detailed applications from 31 countries have made it as finalists. The recognition as a finalist also comes with an award that will help Godrej and A.T.E. build a prototype based on our ideas, and submit that as an entry for the grand prize.

It is now well established that cooling is one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions today, and the demand for cooling has grown and is expected to keep growing exponentially in the next decades. It is therefore critical that we as humans address this issue as soon as possible to reduce the power taken by cooling and lessen the worst impacts of climate change. 

When A.T.E. forayed into the cooling business, some had asked "why did A.T.E. get into this business?" and we had answered that it was because we needed an energy efficient way to cool, so that we could avoid the most severe consequences of climate change. That is why over the last 10 years we have invested and worked both in our business unit HMX , and in our corporate R+D team, on understanding how buildings and spaces get warm; what impacts human comfort; how to cool spaces optimally to make people comfortable with the lowest life cycle and environmental costs; and on developing, testing and deploying our unique evaporation based cooling solutions. It's very rewarding to have our approach and technology validated by the experts of the Global Cooling Prize panel.

Godrej and Boyce - ATE Group

This is all early stages and at A.T.E. we reiterate to energise ourselves for the rest of the journey. Together with Godrej, we have to design and build a product, and get many hundreds of thousands of units built on our concept deployed to realise the main aim of this project - to hold back global warming. So - miles to go, but we are on the right track!

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