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The W100W series of controllers are economical and reliable in keeping your water treatment system under control.


Walchem Controllers W100W, W100P

Walchem Controllers W100W, W100P

(For economical and reliable water treatment system control)

The W100W series of controllers offer a high level of flexibility in controlling water treatment applications.Three powerful control outputs make the Walchem W100W a more versatile, high value choice among entry level water treatment controllers.
Manufactured by: Walchem Corporation, USA

      Technical Details 
  • 0.01 Cell Contacting Conductivity: 0-300 μS/cm
  • 0.1 Cell Contacting Conductivity: 0-3,000 μS/cm
  • 1.0 Cell Contacting Conductivity: 0-30,000 μS/cm
  • 10.0 Cell Contacting Conductivity: 0-300,000 μS/cm
  • pH : -2 to 16
  • ORP: -1500 to 1500 mV
  • Disinfection sensors -2000 to 1500 mV / 0 - 2 ppm to 0 - 20,000 ppm
  • Electrodeless Conductivity : 500 to 2,000,000 uS/cm
  • Material of construction: Polycarbonate/NEMA 4X; display - 64 x 128 graphic backlit display
  •   Applications 
  • Cooling tower/boiler
  • Food and beverage
  • Irrigation and fertigation
  • Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment
  • Metal finishing
  • Pulp and paper
  • Swimming pools and spas
  • RO systems
  •   Key Features 
  • Large display with icon based programming makes setup easy
  • Universal sensor input provides extraordinary flexibility; the same controller can be used with almost any type of sensor needed
  • Three control outputs allow the controller to be used in more places than other entry level models
  • Immune to electrical interferences
  • Complete flexibility in the function of each relay:
  • On/Off setpoint
  • Time proportional control
  • Pulse proportional control (when purchased with solid-state rel ays)
  • In-range or out-of-range activation
  • Probe wash timer
  • Timer-based activation
  • Activation based up on the state of a contact closure
  • Timed activation triggered by a water contactor or paddlewheel flow metre’s accumulated total flow
  • Activate with another output
  • Alarm

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