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The Sulzer abs Venturi Jet Aerator ideal for use in balance tanks where a combination of mixing and aeration reduces septicity, smell.


Sulzer abs Venturi Jet Aerator

Sulzer abs Venturi Jet Aerator

(For aeration and mixing applications)

Sulzer abs Venturi Jet Aerator is ideal for applications that require a combination of aeration and mixing. Featuring a standalone, self-aspirating system, the Sulzer abs Venturi Jet Aerator is available with a guide rail and pedestal, for fixed installations or stand for greater portability.  Used for mixing combined with aeration of wastewater containing sewage, offal, organic, industrial effluent, slurry, and the like. This aerator can also be used in cleaning of storm water tanks.
Manufactured by: Sulzer Pumps, Germany

      Technical Details 
  • Material of construction: venturi chamber housing - C.I GG 20; motor housing - C.I GG 25; impeller - C.I GG 25; pump casing - C.I GG 25; diffuser pipe - SS 304; impeller - SS329 (optional)
  • Head range: 0-16 m
  • Range: 100C CB1 to 200G CB1
  • Size range: 1.3-18.5 kW
  • Flow range: 50-500 m3/hr
  •   Applications 
  • Aeration and mixing of wastewater in small and medium sized tanks
  • Cleaning of storm water tanks
  • Balancing tanks
  •   Key Features 
  • Standalone, self-aspirating system, with the option of fixed installation with guide rail and pedestal, or portable installation with stand
  • Blockage-free hydraulic design with Contrablock impeller
  • Maximum allowable temperature of the medium for continuous operation is 40°C
  • Lower noise levels
  • Reduced spray compared to surface systems

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