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(Fluorometer, colorimeter, and turbidimeter)

The SP -910 is a 3-in-1 fluorometer/colorimeter/turbidimeter device. It is a simple, robust, and intelligent device that mainly finds applications in the water treatment industry.
Manufactured by: Pyxis Lab Inc., USA

      Key Features 
  • PTSA and fluorescein
  • Measures PTSA and fluorescein in the same meter for your traced programs in cooling and boiler applications
  • Calibrate ST-500 directly
  • Calibrate a nearby ST-500 via built-in Bluetooth after measuring sample concentration. No laptop or other tool is needed
  • User-defined programs supported with non-linear calibration curves. Choose from over 60 programs, including reagent-less nitrite and chlorine dioxide measurement
  • Battery life doubled- six months or more, even with higher resolution LCD which is readable in direct sunlight
  • Turbidity range is extended to 0-100 NTU and 0-1000 NTU with auto-ranging
  • 16mm tube adapter is available for programs that require digestion
  • Talks to your smartphone for firmware upgrades and data log transfer
  •   Specifications 
  • Colorimeter wavelength: 365/420/455/525/560/570/630nm
  • Turbidity excitation wavelength: White/infrared LED/90-degree scattering
  • Fluorescence excitation wavelength: 365/460nm LED
  • Fluorescence emission wavelength: 410/520nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: ±1nm
  • Absorbance reproducibility: 0.005au (0au to 1.0 au) (3sigma)
  • Absorbance linearity range: 0au to 1.0au
  • PTSA reproducibility: 1ppb PTSA (3 sigma)
  • PTSA detection limit: 1ppb
  • PTSA range: 0ppb to 300ppb
  • Fluorescein reproducibility: 0.2ppb or 2% of the value
  • Fluorescein detection limit: 0.1ppb
  • Fluorescein range: 600ppb
  • Turbidity reproducibility: 1NTU (3 sigma)
  • Turbidity detection limit: 1NTU
  • Turbidity range: 0NTU to 200NTU
  • Battery: 4 AA alkaline
  • Typical battery life: 3 months
  • Display: Graphical LCD 160x240 pixels, visible under direct sunlight
  • Instrument Dimension: 265x88x62mm (LxWxH)
  • Instrument weight: 600g without batteries
  • Storage temperature range: 0°F to 140°F (-18°C to 60°C)
  • Operation temperature range: 40°F to 120°F (4°c to 49°C)
  • Humidity: 85% at 106°F (41°C)
  • Environmental: IP67, dustproof and waterproof
  • The SP-910 is pre-calibrated for measuring fluorescein in the range of 0ppb to 600ppb and turbidity in the range of 0NTU to 200NTU
  • Automatically selects the primary wavelength according to the method selected and switches to the secondary wavelength to extend the primary measurement range
  • Display a concentration-time profile curve during the last time period in a colorimetric measurement. The user can terminate the timing process and take a reading if the displayed concentration reaches a plateau before completing the predefined time period
  • The user can update the calibration parameter of any pre-calibrated colorimetric method by testing a standard solution first and then following a setup procedure to update the calibration parameters
  • Built-in Bluetooth allows easy connection to PC or mobile apps for downloading datalog and adding new colorimetric methods

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