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The Pyxis SP-600 handheld multimeter measures these eight key water treatment parameters simultaneously: pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, resistivity, temperature, DPD-free, and total chlorine


Pyxis SP-600

Pyxis SP-600

(Handheld multimeter)

Featuring simple, one-handed operation, the multimeter leverages Pyxis' proprietary technology combining electrochemical and optical measurements in a cuvette-less platform. With the SP-600, you can view results in less than a minute for all key parameters of a typical water treatment application such as process water, industrial water, wastewater, and environmental analysis. The multimeter logs the complete measurement history, which you can transfer to your smartphone or PC via Bluetooth for statistical analysis.
Manufactured by: Pyxis Lab Inc., USA

  • Municipal, domestic, industrial, process, waste and environmental water analysis
  •   Key Features 
  • Combines conductivity, chlorine, and pH/ORP measurement in a single, rugged meter
  • Resistivity measurement range: 0.05 µS/cm to 200 mS/cm conductivity or 10 Ω•cm to 30 MΩ•cm
  • Customisable TDS to conductivity ratio (default set as 0.67x µS/cm, at mid range)
  • Replaceable battery in pH/ORP module
  • Customisation and firmware upgrades via wireless connection to Pyxis® mobile/desktop app
  • Self-diagnosis during calibrations
  • Wireless and independent use of pH/ORP module
  • Modular pH/ORP design with extra-large junction capacity provides increased service life
  • Easy replacement of the pH/ORP module, without the need to disassemble the main module
  • Long battery life with 10,000+ readings

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