Truetzschler comber TCO 21

Truetzschler comber TCO 21

The TCO 21 comber achieves a high combing speed of 600 nips per minute with stable running and minimal vibration. Two highly dynamic 2TWIN DRIVE servo motors on each drive side and the DUAL DRIVE gear units on both sides ensure completely synchronous running behaviour. TCO 21 ensures top-notch yarn quality thanks to COUNT MONITORING and COUNT CONTROL. If COUNT MONITORING detects a variation in the sliver count, COUNT CONTROL ensures reliable levelling in the drafting system, leaving the lap tension unaffected and thus ensuring constant combing quality. This results in consistent sliver count and the best yarn quality. Truetzschler comber features an automatic setting of the piecing point, allowing users to quickly adjust the value to changing production parameters.
Manufactured by: Trützschler GmbH Co. KG, Germany

  • 2TWIN DRIVE and DUAL DRIVE ensuring high productivity - up to 600 nips/minute
  • PIECING OPTIMIZER for the automatic optimisation of the piecing point
  • COUNT MONITORING (standard) or COUNT CONTROL (optional) for perfect yarn quality
  • SMART TOUCH, RFID and T-LED for simple, intuitive operations
  • Proven drafting system technology with reliable components
  • High productivity - up to 600 nips/minute
  • Automatic optimisation of the piecing point
  • Perfect yarn quality
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Low maintenance

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