Terry Length Cutter

Terry Length Cutter

(Length cutting for terry towels)

The machine has a standard width of 360 cms with number of cutting heads as required. This is a standard machine applicable for all widths of terry fabric. Output is available in plaited form.
Manufactured by: TEXPA Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

  • Product can be fed as roll or in plaited form
  • Up to 9 cutting heads can be applied
  • Mechanical and electronic sensor available to sense the cutting mark
  • Can also work on basis of width of fabric which can be indicated from one side of machine taken as reference
  • 50 m/min production can be achieved
  • Standard frame width of 3.6 m
  • Round knives are made of HSS
  • Flexible machine with high output and cutting precision
  • Standard frame width of 3.6 m makes the machine economical
  • Long lasting round knives
  • Quick adjustment for cutting different lengths reduces job set up time

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