TC 19i

TC 19i

(Intelligent, self-optimising card)

The TC19i is a new intelligent card with three major components:

  1. Gap Optimizer T-GO: optimises the carding gap under changing production conditions and responds automatically to changing parameters like material properties, production level, cylinder speed, and environmental influences such as room temperature, etc.
  2. WASTECONTROL: ensures good raw material utilisation with minimum waste
  3. NEPCONTROL: for continuous monitoring of the nep level across the length of the card sliver

Additionally, T-CON3 makes an important contribution to the TC19i by providing protection against potential hazards. If any element touches the cylinder clothing the machine will be switched off before damage can occur. MAGNOTOP 3 eliminates the need for flats workshop , no inventory of spare flats, no grinding of flats clothing’s after re-clothings. With a new Can Filling Station T-Move 2 the coiling of layers is offset. This prevents pressure marks in the middle and this provides advantages during processing in the card and feeding into the drafting system of the downstream draw frame.
Manufactured by: Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

      Key Features 
  • Gap Optimizer T-GO: maintains optimum carding gap even under changing production conditions
  • WASTECONTROL: ensures best raw material utilisation and minimum waste
  • Reliable NEPCONTROL: for continuous monitoring of the nep level in the card sliver
  • Ease of operation - as simple as with a smartphone
  • Seamless quality control
  • Remote display T-LED allows operators to read the operating status of the machines even from a large distance
  • Quick access from all sides for ease of maintenance

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