Spunbond/Melblown Technology

Spunbond/Melblown Technology

Ramina’s complete lines find application in different areas: from the production of hygiene products to the sanitary and medical sector, from the building sector to agriculture, from geotextiles to automotive, and many more.Leonardo 1.0 represents the innovation and the future in production by Ramina. The expertise used to create Leonardo 1.0 leads the way for the future development of the technology in spunbond, meltblown and composite lines. In a world where it is important to find a balance between production costs and high quality final products, Leonardo 1.0 offers the perfect solution.
Manufactured by: Ramina Srl, Italy

  • Reduce down-times by patented system
  • Perfect air distribution homogeneity
  • Low product scrape
  • Maximum speed of 1000m/min
  • Very fast time for weight and color changing
  • Industry 4.0 technology
  • SMS technology
  • Predictive maintenance operations
  • Line control by tablet and smart-phone
  • Cost effective
  • R&D set-up for customised each line as per customer's need
  • Preeminent quality products with fast speed
  • Energy saving technology
  • Fast cleaning and maintenance process to reduce downtimes
  • Stable production process and uniform results

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