(Automatic dissolving and sending of powder dye)

This station can be coupled both to the TRS weighing system and to the manual weighing under PC control. In the TRS case, it automatically receives the keg containing the recipe weighed. A robot automatically collects the keg and introduces it into the dissolution tank. A special mechanism rotates the bucket inside the tank avoiding any dispersion of dye. The new recirculation method dissolves the dye under PC control to get the proper cycle according to the type of dye used (input of temperature, dissolution time, solubility conditions). The pump transfers the dissolved recipe to the users. The keg is then automatically washed and dried in a separate tank, the handling system returns it ready for a new weighing cycle. While the keg is being washed, the system processes the next recipe. Thanks to this engineering the system can manage contemporary n.4 operations (1-weighing of one recipe, 2-dissolution, 3-washing of the keg, 4-keg washed and dried ready for a new cycle).
Manufactured by: Color Service s.r.l., Italy

  • SS vessel without employing a mixer
  • 200L or 300L capacity
  • High dissolving speed- 12/15 cycles per hour
  • Dissolution of the dyestuff
  • Possibility of intermediates parking
  • No risk of contamination

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