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Dosing system for liquid chemicals. The system could be gravimetric, volumetric, or a combination of these methods.




(Automatic liquid dispensing system)

The Color Service DLV-S is a fast and competitive dosing system which can simultaneously manage multiple product feeds to several machines. This versatile system can dose both auxiliaries/chemicals and liquid pigments.

With the speed of volumetric measurement coupled with the precision of gravimetric dosing, Color Service’ DLVPS is capable of dosing any quantity whatsoever.

Manufactured by: Color Service s.r.l., Italy

      Key Features 
  • Combined gravimetric/volumetric dosing system
  • Dosing with mass flowmeter
  • DLV-S
  • Extremely reliable due to simplicity in design
  • Mass flow meter for product control (to signal air pockets in the piping)
  • Product incompatibility management
  • Position sensor on each dosing valve
  • Pressure control on the valve head (a drop in pressure means a valve is leaking)
  • Separate heads for auxiliary/liquid pigment dosing (a unique feature from Color Service)
  • Gravimetric system involving a keg located on loading cells for optimum accuracy
  • The system automatically deviates the products through the volumetric system to optimise speed above a given threshold
  • Very short ROI
  • Labour savings
  • Significant reduction in wastage
  • Best accuracy in the market
  • Gravimetric dosing for small quantities or for products requiring greater precision

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