Rotary Pre-filter Unit

Rotary Pre-filter Unit

One of the main challenges of the textile industry apart from quality and process efficiency is space requirements. Manufacturers are looking for machines which do not occupy much space and also compliment the textile manufacturing process such that the efficiency and quality improve drastically. Having understood these requirements, Luwa offers Rotary Pre-filter units designed to save space. These units provide clean air and maintain the temperature and humidity of the manufacturing unit without compromising on the safety and hygiene of it.
Manufactured by: Luwa India Private Limited, India

      Technical Details 
  • Raw material: cotton, blends, synthetic, etc.
  • Application: for textiles and non-wovens
  •   Key Features 
  • Hygienically safe air humidity level
  • Consistently high humidity of the material for optimal processing
  • Conditioned air is provided at critical positions on the machine
  • Efficient cleaning of the air
  • Customer does not need to provide filter chamber
  • Requires less space
  • It is also suitable for high negative pressures (up to approx. 3000 Pa)
  • Simple monitoring and easy access for control and maintenance
  • Easy to install

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