RD double needle bar machines

RD double needle bar machines

Warp-knitted spacer fabrics offer high design potential in a wide range of applications such as footwear, toys, nets, and medicine, among others, with their manifold surface patternings, 3D structure and exceptional characteristics. Spacer fabrics are characterised by high breathability, well-directed moisture and heat management, and excellent padding properties.
KARL MAYER's RD double needle bar machines are flexible, high-speed machines for the production of all sorts of spacer and plush fabrics.
Manufactured by: KARL MAYER, Germany

  • Fabric take-up: Four-roller system, driven by electronic drive
  • Knock-over comb bar distance: 1–12 mm (RD 6/1-12 EN) and 2–12 mm (RD 7/2-12 EN) continuously adjustable, incl. patented stitch comb swivelling device
  • Pattern drive: drive with six (RD 6/1-12 EN) or seven (RD 7/2-12 EN) electronic guide bar drives
  • Max. shog distance: ground 18 mm, pile 25 mm
  • Flexible trick plate distance for various applications (RD 6/1-12 EN)
  • Option for plush fabrics (RD 6/1-12 EN)
  • Wide range of gauges and trick plate distances for various applications (RD 7/2-12 EN)
  • KAMCOS® (KARL MAYER COMMAND SYSTEM): Operator interface to configure, control and adjust the electronic functionality of the machine
  • Highly efficient production speed combined with easy and flexible patterning
  • Easy handling due to stitch comb swiveling device and central trick plate readjustment

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