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Sieger Pallateze and Stretch Wrapping (SWP) is used for loading of cones for making a pallet without use of ladders.


Pallateze & Stretch Wrapping

Pallateze & Stretch Wrapping


The practice of palette packing for yarn cones involves the use of multiple operators and ladders, which takes a lot time and can result in damage to cones due to mishandling. Sieger Pallateze & Stretch Wrapping (SWP) prevents this. It is positioned in a pit with an empty palette on the platform and layers of cones are stacked conveniently. The platform lowers at the press of
button ready to load the next layer.
On completion the complete palette
can be raised and removed manually.
If the palette needs to be wrapped, the operator clings the film on to the pallet and initiates the wrapping process. The pallets revolve and are simultaneously lowered and raised thus wrapping it completely and securely.
Manufactured by: Sieger Spintech Equipments, India

  • Stretch wrapping facility available (optional)
  • Mechanised formation of pallets without the use of manpower or ladders
  • Cone damage prevented
  • Easy and convenient formation of pallets

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