Multi-Dust Collector

Multi-Dust Collector

Luwa's multi-dust collector automatically adapts to varying air flow rates. It does not require any additional components and ensures that filtered waste can be disposed off properly in collection bags. The component does not require any cleaning as it does so automatically by switching off its fans for short intervals of time.
Manufactured by: Luwa India Private Limited, India

      Technical Details 
  • Raw material: cotton, blends, synthetics
  • Application: for textiles and nonwovens
  •   Key Features 
  • The dust and fiber charged air is blown by a fan into the distribution duct and is filtered within the vertically arranged filtering hoses
  • The cleaning of hoses is achieved automatically by short time switching off intervals of the fan
  • No filtering chamber to be provided by customer
  • Selectable collection of waste, either in bags or with connection to a centralised suction system or vacuum system
  • Adaption to varying air flow rates and waste
  • Simple monitoring and easy maintenance

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