KARL MAYER's HKS 3-M ON is a flexible tricot warp Knitting machine which finds diverse uses in sectors such as: automotive textiles, outerwear, home textiles, sportswear, toy plush, shoe fabrics, mattresses, flags, ground fabrics for printing, mosquito nets, coating substrates, and cleaning.

Manufactured by: KARL MAYER

      Technical Details 
  • Working width / Gauge 130" (+2" working width extension), 180" (+6" working width extension), 210" (+8" working width extension), 238", 280" (+10" or +20" working width extension) E28 – E32
  • Warp beam support: 3 × 812 (32") (free-standing) Optional: 3 × 1016 (40") (free-standing); 1 × 1016 (40"), 2 × 812 (32") (free-standing)
  • Max. shog distance: 25 mm
  •   Key features 
  • Individual needle bar with compound needles, slider bar with plate slider units (½"), sinker bar with compound sinker units, three guide bars with guide units
  • All bars are made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic
  • KAMCOS® 2 (KARL MAYER COMMAND SYSTEM): Operator interface to configure, control and adjust the electronic functionality of the machine
  • Integrated monitoring systems (Laserstop and camera)
  • Yarn let-off device: electronically controlled, driven by geared motor
  • Fabric take-up: electronically controlled, four-roller system, driven by geared motor
  • ON-drive with three electronic guide bar drives
  • k.Innovation: 36+ Repeats with k.innovation CORE
  • Web-based lapping editor for the HKS 3-M ON offered by KM.ON
  • Immediate pattern change for shorter stoppage time and higher productivity through k.ey
  • Lower costs and no mechanical work required for pattern changes
  • ON-drive provides the flexibility required by the new business environment through SwapKnit & k.innovation CORE
  • Same performance in terms of speed and design variety as the current version of HKS 3-M with state-of-the-art technology
  • Extra-wide high-performance tricot machines available with working width extension +10" (290") and +20" (300") for highest flexibilty in panel width and panel number
  • Connects to secure cloud through k.ey for more innovation
  • KM.ON services to enhance business and production

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