Forged warp beams

Forged warp beams

(For warp knitting and technical textiles)

Semyung beams are made of high strength aluminium alloy and are manufactured by processes of high pressure forging, heat treatment, finish turning, automatic welding and hard anodized coating treatment.  As a result, Semyung beams have a good finish, a strong tensile strength, and a high resistance against breaking as well as deformation during working. These beams are highly compatible with Karl Mayer and other warp knitting machines with complete product specification which covers required sizes like 21"x21", 21"x42", 30"x21", 30"x42", 32"x 21" etc.
Manufactured by: Semyung Electric Machinery Co. Ltd, Korea

  • Warp knitting and technical textiles
  •   Key Features 
  • High strength aluminium alloy forged flange, made with technically superior 4000 tons hydraulic screw forging press
  • Quenching & Tempering (T-6) of flange and barrels using the latest heat treatment technology
  • Precise machining of flange and barrel using vertical CNC lathe machine
  • Keeping up balancing dynamically measured by digital balancer
  • Anodising treatment as protection against corrosion and damage
  • Ensures high performance with various yarn types and under various operating conditions
  • Precise machining to make the beams
  • High performance and high tensile strength withstands yarn stress during working
  • Heat treated to withstand tension of variety of yarns warped on it
  • Dynamically balanced to avoid wobbling while running on warping machine
  • Beams are anodised to prevent rusting

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