(High temperature, high pressure long tube winchless soft flow dyeing machine)

The revolutionary high-temperature winch less dyeing machine engineered by CHTC Fong’s has established fresh standards within the industry. Integrated with cutting-edge patented technologies, DYECOWIN can achieve a much lower liquor ratio while enhancing the productivity of the dyeing process. Ideal for sensitive synthetic and synthetic blended knitted fabrics like polyester, and nylon, and blends with spandex and for specialised synthetic woven fabrics like two-way stretch materials.

FC68, the latest version of the program controller from CHTC Fong’s provides various control panel interfaces such as the machine’s flow diagram, I/O module online signal, etc. Users can regulate the operational combinations, monitor the real-time functional parameters, and access reports about machine operation and overall consumption details. The FC68 enables a more comprehensive review of the utilising dyeing technique.

Manufactured by: Fong's National Engineering Co. Ltd, China

      Key Features 
  • Winch less design
  • Fuzzy logic temperature control
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Higher fabric speeds & nozzle pressure
  • Rear side Liquid separating device
  • Rectangular fabric conveyance tube for rope opening
  • Special fabric storage chamber to separate the fabric from the liquor in the kier
  • Polymer-wrapped unloading rollers
  • Can handle sensitive fabrics like nylon knit fabrics
  • Avoids fabric surface defects such as scratch marks & shinning marks due to winch less design
  • Low liquor ratio
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduce crease and rope marks
  • Tangle free operation

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