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A printer engineered with Austrian technology, the Colaris-Infiniti is a sturdy digital printer with a longer life span than other digital printers in the market. The sturdy Colaris Infiniti can withstand rough handling in textile industrial environments.


Colaris Infiniti

Colaris Infiniti

(Multi-function digital textile printer)

The Colaris-Infiniti digital textile printing line is customisable and is ideal for use in small, medium, and high capacity digital textile print houses. It is used as a sampling machine for volume production. Its applications include fashion printing, home textiles, flags and banners.
Manufactured by: M/s Union Int’l (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. China

      Technical Details 
  • Available with printing width of 1800 mm or 2600 mm
  • SPT1024GS industrial print head technology
  • Variable 4 level greyscale of 7, 14 or 21 pl
  •   Key Features 
  • Stainless steel protection cap
  • Automatic purging and cleaning system for minimum 4, maximum 8 colours
  • Easily fillable channel having own de-gassing and filter
  • Solid blanket with high quality adhesive and infrared glue activation
  • Comes with industrial washing/drying unit
  • High quality printer at budget price

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