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The portal Bale opener BO-P with widths of 2,900 mm or 3,500 mm allows significantly more bales to be placed side by side and processes them in parallel using two opening rolls. Thus, this results in good blending and higher productions of up to 3,000 kg/h.




(Portal Bale Opener)

The Portal Bale Opener Bo-P sets new standards in quality and economy. The work-off width is 2.9 m or 3.5 m. This makes it possible to place considerably more bales next to each other. The two Truetzschler opening rolls work in parallel, tufts from 8 to 14 bales are processed simultaneously. Due to the large working widths and the simultaneous use of two opening rolls, small tufts are already produced during the first process in the spinning mill. This is impossible for a system with one roll and a smaller working width. The bale lay-down can have a maximum length of 60 m. With a working width of 3.5 m up to 390 bales can be combined to a bale lay down. An intelligent workplace protection on the BO-P does not require any space consuming safety areas. The bale work-off couldn’t be more compact and space saving.
Manufactured by: Truetzschler India Private Limited, India

  • Work-off width is 2.9m or 3.5m. This makes it possible to place considerably more bales next to each other
  • Two opening rolls work in parallel tufts from 8 to 14 bales are processed simultaneously
  • Small tufts are produced during first process in spinning mill
  • Production up to 2500 kg/h is possible
  • Requires less space
  • Larger working widths
  • Offers better blending
  • Sets new standards in quality and economy

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