New Auto Control D is a standalone digital control system and is generally used for up-gradation of the existing? manual or semi-automatic plants to automatic controlled units.


Auto Control D

Auto Control D

(Automation upgrade)

In the modern age, computers have made everything easy and automatic components are known to improve process efficiency. The Auto Control D by Luwa is a digital control system useful in upgrading manual and/or semi-automatic units to fully automatic ones.
Manufactured by: Luwa India Private Limited, India

      Technical Details 
  • Raw Material: Cotton, blends, synthetic etc
  • Application: For textiles and nonwovens
  •   Key Features 
  • It provides an economical and precise control system for evaporative cooling systems
  • The payback for an up gradation is usually less than 18 months which makes the system very competitive in the short run
  • Easy up gradation for any existing plant
  • Power saving
  • Automatic humidity control
  • Higher production

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