(Medium batch dyeing machine)

AllFit is a piece dyeing machine designed for medium batches. Designed to develop new process techniques, it can easily be transferred to the bulk machine. Low liquor ratio, low power consumption and fast fabric run ensure the dyeing quality and result. Different dyeing recipes and processing techniques can be applied without modification.The liquor ratio and fabric circulation time are similar to that of the production machine, such that the recipe developed on it can be adopted directly. At present, there are more than 2000 ALLFITs running in dyehouses around the globe.
Manufactured by: Fong's National Engineering Co., Ltd., Hong Kong

      Technical Details 
  • Design temperature: 140°C
  • Design pressure: 3.5 bar
  • Liquor ratio: down to 1:4.5
  • Lifter reel speed: 7-200 m/min (applicable to specific model only)
  • Heating gradient: 25°C-100 °C approx. 5°C/min 100°C-130°C approx. 2.5°C/min (dry saturated steam pressure at 7 bar)
  • Cooling gradient: 130°C-100°C approx. 3°C/min; 100°C-80°C approx. 2°C/min (cooling water at 3 bar, 25°C)
  •   Key Features 
  • Advanced process control and automation applicable to production
  • Machine body and major wetted parts by dye liquor made of 316Ti/316L
  • Heavy duty stainless steel pump, frequncy inverter controlled
  • Highly efficient steam heat exchanger
  • Fuzzy logic temperature control software
  • Lifter reel driven by frequency inverter controlled motor
  • Main control cabinet with FC30 programm controller
  • Suitable for both atmospheric and high temperature dyeing machine
  • Accurately reproduces dyeing results
  • Saves production cost and is environmental friendly
  • Installation of the machine is easy and simple

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