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Valflow® ink tanks are designed to prevent the stagnation of heavier materials in inks, thus helping control viscosity and avoiding colour issues.


Valflow® Ink Tanks

Valflow® Ink Tanks

(Round shaped ink tanks to eliminate dead spots)

Valflow® ink tanks are round in shape, to improve circulation and eliminate dead spots in corners where heavier materials can drop out and stagnate causing viscosity and colour issues.

Customised, and OEM tanks and lids are available on request. Tank capacity is selected based on the amount of ink consumed by the press, length of run, the chamber or ink tray capacity, and the amount of ink that drains back into the tank from the print deck, hoses, and filters once the pump is stopped.
Manufactured by: Valence Electrons Private Limited, India

      Key Features 
  • Lids have overlapping rims to reduce evaporation and add strength
  • A hinged portion allows easy refilling or taking down manual viscosity readings
  • Holes are provided for return hose and/or bypass
  • Removable spark less castor wheels are offered as an option
  • Fabricated from stainless steel
  • Rolled rim provides reinforcement while eliminating sharp edges
  • Available in capacities of 25, 50 and 100 litres
  • Large handles make lifting easy
  • Low pump-down to reduce ink waste
  • Unique shape improves circulation and eliminates 'dead spots', preventing viscosity and colour issues
  • Ergonomic design; easy to lift

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