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Valflow® ink temperature stabiliser (ITS) ensures that the ink circulating in the rotogravure print station is maintained at a constant temperature in various climatic conditions; this reduces ink consumption and ensures the highest print quality.


Valflow® Ink Temperature stabiliser

Valflow® Ink Temperature stabiliser

(Ink conditioning system.)

Studies have shown that warm or hot ink is a major dampener to pressroom economics. Warm or hot ink lowers print quality by destroying the dot structure and it causes increased use of inks and solvents.

By maintaining the ink temperature, the Valflow® ITS reduces the consumption of inks and solvents and ensures repeatability in print quality.

Using a temperature sensor and a solenoid valve for water flow, a temperature controller ensures that the ink temperature is kept at the set value during machine operation and also between stoppages, thereby maintaining print quality. These are offered in OEM as well as end-user packages and can be tailored to suit existing machine upgrades.
Manufactured by: Valence Electrons Private Limited, India 

      Key Features 
  • Low pressure drop across ink inlet and outlet
  • Flame proof temperature sensor
  • Shell and tube type heat exchanger
  • Ensures repeatability in print quality
  • Reduces consumption of inks
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sleek, simple to fit
  • Optimise solvent consumption without compromising print quality; can reduce top-up solvent consumption by up to 35 percent

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