Accessories that will boost the performance of your Monfongs 6500 stenter!

Monforts Fong's Textile Machinery Co., Ltd is a joint venture between Fong's Industries Co., Ltd., Hong Kong and A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG. Till date, more than 3000 Monfongs machines are in use in textile factories around the world – an indication of the precise manufacturing techniques and German technology that Monforts Fong's offers. The Monfongs 6500 is the flagship stenter of Monforts Fong's as it provides end users with energy savings, flexibility, and high productivity.

Monfongs 6500 - ATE Group

With A.T.E. providing sales and service, the Monfongs 6500 stenter has become one of the most widely used stenters in the Indian textile industry – it is economical to operate, can be used in the finishing of both woven and knitted fabrics, and has several energy saving features. By adding on some optional accessories, it is possible to enhance the performance of the Monfongs 6500 stenter even further.

Eco-booster heat recovery system:

The Eco-booster heat recovery system for the Monfongs 6500 stenter is an advanced heat recovery module with an automated cleaning system. The Eco-booster helps users save heat energy during the drying, finishing, and heat setting processes in the stenter. The new and improved version of the Eco-booster has also eliminated oil dripping on fabric to a significant extent.


During the operation of the stenter, it is a common practice to manually clean the fluff (collected inside the chamber filters) regularly to ensure the free circulation of air inside the chambers. If this cleaning is not done frequently, the filter gets choked with fluff, impeding the circulation of air and hampering the evaporation of moisture, thereby lowering productivity.

The Disc-o-clean is a fully automatic and continuous lint cleaning system that can be fitted in the hot air chamber filter. It continuously cleans the two rotating screens, while the stenter is in operation, ensuring uninterrupted and optimal performance of the stenter. This optional accessory is recommended for the first 4 chambers of the stenter, where the accumulation of fluff is high in the filtering system.


In wider width stenters, running of narrow width fabric results in a disproportionately high energy consumption as all the nozzle outlets across the entire width are open. CADStreamE allows users to manually control and adjust the outlets of the nozzles to adjust to the narrow width fabric. This prevents the wastage of energy. Depending on the width of the fabrics being run on the stenter, the nozzles that need to be closed can be chosen beforehand by the customer.

The CADStreamE is an optional accessory that is suitable for use with machine widths of 260 cm or more and is particularly useful for manufacturers who manufacture textiles of varying working widths.

Matex Eco-Applicator

The Matex Eco-applicator is a minimal liquor application device with liquor rollers. This soft coating solution is an alternate applicator to the finishing padder. The Eco-Applicator is designed to save energy as well as liquor for a wide range of textile finishes using the liquor application methods given below:

  • Application of liquor to one side of the fabric
  • Application of liquor to both sides of the fabric
  • Application of different liquors to either side of the fabric or,
  • Application of two different liquors consecutively to a single side of the fabric.


The Monformatic is a controlling system for continuous drying, fixing or condensation processes. This process control system offers automatic production speed control or control of circulation fan speed in order to meet the preset dwell time of heat-setting or finishing, ensuring cost-effective operation of the 6500 stenter.

Integrated washing system

The integrated washing system for the Monfongs 6500 stenter cleans the spun oil in cotton or Lycra-knitted fabrics before the fabric is passed through the stenter for heat setting. With the integrated washing system, a separate spun oil washing range is not needed – the entire process of spun oil washing, drying, and heat setting is done in one line.

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