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UH Expert 2012 is a yarn evenness tester to determine the evenness of yarn, roving and sliver.


UH Expert 2012

UH Expert 2012

UH Expert 2012 features advanced evenness measurements that ensures the precise detection of imperfections in yarn, roving, or sliver. With testing speeds of up to 400 metres/minute, the visualisation of the data is done in real-time, without waiting for the test completion.
Manufactured by: MAG Solvics Private Limited, India

  • Output parameters include U%, CV%, thin, thick, neps and hairiness
  • Extended sensor integrator for higher count sliver
  • Applicable for cotton, wool, flax, synthetic, and blends
  • Test speeds up to 400 m per minute
  • Automatic yarn changer unit with 24 positions yarn stand reduces the testing time (optional)
  • Measuring range: 1 Tex to 12 k Tex
  • Reduced testing time
  • Mass Diagram, Spectrogram, Frequency Distribution diagrams and Variance Length curve for yarn analysis

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