TEC-O40 and TEC-O80 IDY plants

TEC-O40 and TEC-O80 IDY plants

(Industrial and technical yarn plants)

Introducing the new TEC-O40 (4 and 2 ends per position) and TEC-O80 (8 ends per position) machines for industrial and technical yarn plants from Truetzschler Switzerland AG. Building on the powerful symTTec concept, these machines have been re-designed as multi-end machines to better suit your needs. With unmatched productivity and flexibility, the TEC-O40 and TEC-O80 offer an unrivalled level of performance in the market. Truetzschler's latest innovation will take your industrial and technical yarn production to the next level.Manufactured by Truetzschler Switzerland AG

  • Outstanding product quality due to highly sophisticated key components such as spin packs, draw rolls and winders
  • Reliable processes for all kind of yarns - 200 to 6000 denier, wide polymers PET, PA6, PA66, PPHigh efficiency
  • Easy handling and fast string up
  • Ideally suited for spinning specialty yarns with super low shrinkage, >9.0 gpd, or PA for tyre cords and airbags
  • Short melt pipes, direct drive extruder, no V-belt, extruder screw for multi-polymer processing
  • High product flexibility
  • Vapor phase fluid heating system with circulation around the spin packs for improved product
  • Dual shell draw roll technology with heat pipe principal

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