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With the advantage of having a vast range of textile as well as non-textile screens, Screen-O-Tex is well equiped to cater to all printing needs.


Perforated Rotary Nickel Screens

Perforated Rotary Nickel Screens

(for printing)

Screens with consistent thickness, a uniform open area and error free repeats. These result in superior registration, vivid designs, and the finest, error free print results. Moreover, the screens are cost effective and reliable, with multiple stripping and reuse possible due to their excellent ductility. A comprehensive product range comprises of Altus Screens, Novus Screens, and Vega Screen.
Manufactured by: Screen O Tex India Pvt. Ltd.

  • ALL Mesh: 25,40,60,70,80,100,105,110,125,155,135,165,195
  • ALL Length: From 1410 to 3700 mm
  • ALL Repeat: 640,819,914,1018,1208,1500,1680 mm
  • Low and even pressure
  • Uniform hole diameter
  • Even paste distribution
  • Consistent prints with no "weak spots"
  • No end to end shade variation
  • Minimal dyestuff wastage
  • Even registration across fabric
  • Higher savings per screen
  • High machine output

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