FilmTec™ Seamaxx™

FilmTec™ Seamaxx™

FilmTec™ Seamaxx™-440 Elements are the choice for seawater systems operating at low to medium levels of salinity and temperature, as well as for brackish water with relatively high salinity. The element’s flowrate is significantly above flowrates of any other SWRO element currently available in the market. This extraordinary high element productivity leads to substantial savings, primarily in energy consumption when compared to conventional low-energy SWRO products

  • The 28-mil feed spacer combines low differential pressure with low cleaning frequency and high cleaning efficiency
  • The oxidative-free membrane manufacturing process results in high membrane robustness and long-term stable performance
  • The widest pH range for cleanings (pH 1 - 13) allows effective cleanings even in cases of severe fouling
  • The automated, precision fabrication gives a greater number of shorter membrane leaves thus reducing fouling while maximizing element efficiency
  • Designed to minimise operating cost, reduce capital costs and maximise plant efficiency
  • Optimised membrane chemistry minimises pressure and energy consumption
  • Premium membrane quality with automated precision fabrication
  • Outstanding performance, reliability and robustness

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