A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited (Business Unit: EcoAxis)
Improve OEE, ROI, and much more in plastic manufacturing

A fundamental shift towards digitisation and smart manufacturing is fast becoming a priority amongst plastics manufactures to attain operational efficiency, energy savings, and competitive advantage.


industrial IoT solutions for plastics

is designed to assist you with intelligent insights into production, process, quality, resources, and utilities.

What EcoAxis’ Smart Manufacturing Solution can do for you:

■ Machine performance benchmarking – helps you compare machines from various OEMs across various parameters to select the best for you.
■ Monitor operator performance across machines, products, shifts – improves employee KPIs and in-turn efficiency.
■ Be informed on machine health with energy analytics – helps to improve machine maintenance and reduce downtime.
■ Improve customer service and reduce costs with downtime and rejection analysis.
■ Ensure a smooth running system with regular production reports covering machine, section, factory, and plant.
■ Machine performance alerts – help you reduce waste and in-turn improve quality and reduce costs.

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SaaS: Software as a Service – advantages

EcoAxis’ SaaS model cuts out the upfront cost of hardware and software entirely; you enjoy a subscription-based system and pay as you go!

No infrastructure costs


Access to global technology that will give your business a competitive edge


System access anywhere, anytime


Diligent and strong customer support


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