POY and FDY production lines

POY and FDY production lines

(For polyester, nylon, and polypropylene)

These POY and FDY production lines can produce POY 80 - 500 denier, FDY 30 - 300 denier. They are equipped with high speed winders, which operate up to 4800 m/min, have BH length up to 1800 mm, and a full bobbin capacity up to 15 kg. Individually driven contact rollers, step precision winding with 4 in one inverters on the winders, and branded key parts like pneumatic parts from SMC Japan, FAG brand bearings, PLC from AB America, etc. ensure the reliability of the production line.
Manufactured by: Hi-Tech Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., China

      Key Features 
  • Chips dryer: rotary drum dryer up to 50 kg/h and continuous dryer more than 50 kg/h is available
  • Screw extruders: capacities right from smallest dia. 50 mm to biggest up to dia. 180 mm are available with L/D ratio of 24-27 for PET, 27-30 for bottle flakes and 30-32 for PP
  • Distribution piping system: specially designed piping system guarantees same dwell time and pressure in all spinning positions
  • High precision metering pump to provide continuous melt in high pressure and accuracy into spin pack
  • Spinnerets: wide range of spinnerets with holes from 24 to 288 suitable to produce micro fine denier yarn
  • Quenching: cross and EVO radial to cool mono-filaments by airflow at certain temperature, angle and speed
  • HGR/SR: TK series HGR and SR suitable for PET/PA6/PA66 and dtex from 40 to 800 FDY
  •   Winders 
  • Two different kinds of high-speed winders: ZWT series winders with traverse cam and ZWB series winders with bi-rotors for spinning POY & FDY respectively
  • ZWT series winder includes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 ends
  • ZWB series winder includes: 10, 12, 16, 18, and 20 ends
  • Chuck length (BH): up to 1680 mm for POY and 1500 mm for FDY. Stroke varies from 54 mm to 125 mm
  • Max. package diameter: up to 435 mm
  • Max. mechanical speed: up to 4000 rpm for POY and 5500 rpm for FDY
  • Number of ends per winder: up to 16 for cam traverse POY; 20 for both cam as well as birotor for producing POY as well as FDY
  • Contact Roller (CR) to ensure no damage to bottom yarn and to increase the bottom tail yarn transfer rate
  • Highly efficient
  • Low investment, low maintenance, and low operating cost
  • Good winder change over rate
  • Whole machine is vibration free even at high winding speed
  • Good ratio of raw material consumed to finished product produced
  • Individually driven contact rollers ensure no damages to the bottom yarn and ensure smooth yarn transfer
  • No ribbon formation and better package quality because of step precision winding

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