Opt-O-Matic OOM

Opt-O-Matic OOM

(Sectional warping and beaming machine for technical applications)

KARL MAYER's Opt-O-Matic is the perfect machine for meeting the high demands of the specific processing conditions without compromising on either efficiency or flexibility in the exacting field of technical textiles.
Manufactured by: KARL MAYER, Germany

  • Industrial fabrics, technical fabrics
  •   Technical details 
  • Working width: 2000 to 5500 mm
  • Warping beam diameter: 800 to 1250 mm
  • Warping speed up to 1000 m/min
  • Beaming speed up to 300 m/min
  • High performance beam drives guarantee a high tensile force up to 35000 N
  •   Key features 
  • Computer control of all functions including data analysis (network compatible)
  • Due to large configuration possibilities, able to run finest to heaviest yarns
  • Homogeneous band build-up, all bands are laser controlled
  • Precise lateral translation of warping drum
  • Direct beaming device – up to 2.2 m working width for all kinds of warping jobs which may be worked direct from creel
  • Yarn tensioners – ensure tension control at optimum level according to yarn parameters
  • DNC KAMCOS SYSTEM – operator interface IPC/touch screen 12.1", ethernet interface for networking and connection for the relevant data acquisition and tele-service
  • Highly flexible creel system for the processing of mono-filament yarns, polypropylene film tapes, highly resistant polyester/polyamide yarns for the carpet industry up to glass-fibre yarns
  • Computer and laser controlled band build up, real-time laser measurement from the first to the last band with active pressure roller, and central yarn tension control for perfect weaving beams
  • Precise lateral translation of warping reed due to real-time laser measurement
  • Established in the highly demanding industrial sector; especially technical applications and high tenacity

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