Brushing and Beating Rollers

Brushing and Beating Rollers

These brushing and beating systems by Corino are designed especially to clean impurities or unwanted particles such as dust, lint, etc. from the fabric. With a wide range of applications such as in singeing machines, printing machines, pad-dry and dye padder, these systems are known for their efficiency and low maintenance demands.
Manufactured by: Corino Macchine, Italy

      Technical Details 
  • Three different types of rollers are available, viz., Continuous brush roll, Section brush roll, Beater roll
  •   Key Features 
  • Raw Material: Multipurpose
  • Beating and brushing system is used for cleaning of dust, lint and other impurities accumulated during working processes
  • The compact structure of the rollers allow easy installations on many finishing machines
  • Different brushing and beating rollers can be located in the frame
  • The roller position and the brushing effect is easily adjustable
  • Perfect cleaning of the fabric
  • Sharp prints

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