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A bobbin transport system is a unique, tailor-made solution that optimises the production process from speed frame to ring frame by enabling quick transfer of roving bobbins without damage.


Bobbin Transport System

Bobbin Transport System

(The most flexible bobbin transport system for Indian mills)

SARA ELGI has different types of bobbin transport systems (BTS), which include:

  • Manual bobbin transport system
  • Automatic motorised bobbin transport system
  • Automatic PLC-based bobbin transport system
  • Fully automatic bobbin transport system with exchanger
  • Total creeling system as per customer requirement

These systems ensure the protection of the roving wound around the bobbin, which is highly liable to damage during manual transportation. SARA ELGI's BTS also protects the yarn quality where the roving defects are transferred. Considered to be the most flexible bobbin transport system for Indian mills at a very economical cost, SARA ELGI's BTS helps in labour savings and reduction in yarn faults.
Manufactured by: SARA ELGI Industries Limited, India

  • Hard anodised aluminium profile tracks
  • Four roller bobbin trains
  • High tensile aluminium end connectors
  • Robust imported drive motors
  • PLC panel for efficient operations
  • Can be installed on existing machines
  • No mix up of yarn counts
  • High efficiency in production rates
  • Manpower reduction
  • Power savings
  • Flexible

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