Screen-O-Tex: delivering high quality rotary nickel screens

Good print quality is never the result of just one factor – it is the combination of a high-quality rotary screen- printing machine with precise registration, engraving technology, a selection of top-notch rotary nickel screens, good design, and an experienced printing master. Out of all these factors, none play as important a role as the quality and mesh size selection of a rotary screen.

Screen-O-Tex is a preferred supplier of rotary nickel screens across India with a range of well-proven, precision nickel screens for textile and non-textile rotary printing applications.

Screen-O-Tex manufactures its nickel rotary screens at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Ahmedabad. It is the only Indian company that uses INCO pellets to produce high-quality screens which are known for consistency in open area, thickness, and repeat size. Screen-O-Tex’s screens are made from high quality, ductile nickel which can be stripped more times than other screens available in the market. Thus, Screen-O-Tex’s screens can be used by textile printers for longer print runs and for more designs. Every individual screen passes through stringent quality tests and each box of screens carries a quality test report.

For sharper, half-tone, and geometric gradation designs, Screen-O-Tex offers Vega Screens that range from 135-195 mesh. Screen-O-Tex also supplies an XT (extra thickness) version of the Vega screen that has an even longer life.

Screen-O-Tex’s screens are exclusively marketed by A.T.E. Enterprises in South India and Bangladesh.

Screen-o-tex - ATE Group   Screen-o-tex screen - ATE Group

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