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Energy efficient cooling

HMX’s DAMA technology provides 100% fresh, clean, cool air and is an excellent upgrade over air washers and ventilation systems. The Ambiator is also an energy-efficient alternative to conventional air conditioners.

Less moisture addition

Up to 60% less moisture addition to supply air as compared to air washers

Lower supply air temperatures

Two stages of cooling (indirect + direct evaporative) provides lower supply air temperatures compared to air washers

100% fresh, clean, cool air

Comfort conditioning for people and processes

Excellent Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Maintains dust and odour free environment; prevents Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

How does it do it?

Watch this video to find out


Auto and Auto Ancillaries

Auto and Auto Ancillaries

Auto and Auto Ancillaries

Cooling Commercial Spaces

Factory shed cooling

Factory Shed Cooling

Factory shed cooling

Warehouse Cooling

Pioneers in Indirect Evaporative Cooling

With the world’s largest installed base of indirect evaporative cooling of more than 40 million CFM all over India, and cooling over 7 million square feet of space, we at HMX are pioneers in Indirect Evaporative Cooling.

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