Yamada SR Series

Yamada SR Series

(Safe and quick transfer of flammable liquids)

The SR series of pumps by Yamada are designed for use in restricted environments, and can transport flammable liquids, quickly and safely. Any standard 18 kg grease pail can be mounted directly to the SR series pumps' large cabinets. This system eliminates grease contamination and waste. The recommended grease viscosity range is from NLGI No.000 to No.2. Various different sized air pumps are available in this range.
Manufactured by: Yamada Corporation, Japan

      Technical Details 
  • Pressure range: 0.3-0.7 MPa
  • Output pressure:9.1-35 MPa
  • Discharge volume per cycle: 61.2-1270 ml
  • Size range: 18-200 l
  •   Applications 
  • Suitable for pumping grease and adhesives
  •   Key Features 
  • Does not affect the properties of material being transferred
  • Can be mounted in a number of ways to many different kinds of containers
  • Designed for use in restricted environments
  • Material of construction: pump casing - stainless steel
  • Can safely transport flammable liquids
  • Can transfer material at high pressures

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