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This horizontal self-priming magnetic drive pump made from reinforced plastic is versatile and ideal for the transfer of chemicals from various sources such as underground tanks, chemical baths, or drums.




(Self-priming magnetic drive pumps)

The Iwaki SMX is a versatile self-priming horizontal magnetic drive pump with enhanced durability under abnormal operation. The SMX's patented self-radiation structure efficiently disperses bearing friction heat to protect the pump under abnormal operating conditions. Additionally, the non-contact structure prevents contact between the rear thrust face and bearing, thus eliminating any heat build-up during dry running. This design enhances the pump's resistance to dry running, cavitation, and closed-discharge operation. In addition, the use of standard motors extends the range of applications.
Manufactured by: Iwaki Co. Ltd., Japan

      Technical Details 
  • Head range: 8.5-26 m
  • Flow range: 80-250 l/min
  • Material of construction: front casing - GFRPP; rear casing - GFRPP; impeller - GFRPP; magnet capsule - PP
  •   Applications 
  • Transferring of chemical from underground tank to the top of the tank
  • Transferring of etching and plating chemical from chemical bath
  • Refilling chemical from drum to tank
  • Loading and unloading of chemicals
  •   Key Features 
  • Self priming casing design prevents priming and dry running risks
  • Modular structure to handle liquids with high specific gravities
  • Use of standard motors extends the range of liquid transfer applications
  • Fast self-priming; requires no external self-priming chambers or valves
  • Enhanced durability under abnormal condition
  • Easy maintenance

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