Pumps with an excellent balance of features and performance.


MXM series

MXM series

(Magnetic drive pumps)

The MXM series offers the best combination of durability, safety, and performance for a wide range of chemical process applications. These models feature separate impellers and inner magnets maximising the flexibility and application of the product.
Manufactured by: Iwaki Co. Ltd., Japan

  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Metal finishing
  • Metal pickling
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Ethanol – bulk metering
  • Chlorination plants
  • Refineries
  • Chemical toting and packaging
  • Mining
  •   Key Features 
  • Robust; is able to withstand difficult operating conditions
  • Self radiation structure (patent pending)
  • Non-contact system
  • All designs have ANSI 150# flanged connections
  • Dual end supported precision ground shafts
  • High strength rare earth magnets that are totally encapsulated within fluororesin mouldings
  • Close-coupled back pull-out design
  •   Specifications 
  • Max. discharge capacity range: 170 – 600 L/min
  • Max. head range: 5.5 – 29
  • Main materials: CFRETFE
  • Required power range: 0.4 – 3.7 kW
  • Discharge bore: 25mm, 40 mm
  • Liquid temperature range: -10 to 105˚C
  • Seal-less construction
  • Proven non-contact system and self-radiating bearing structure deliver substantial improvements in tolerance to dry running and poor suction conditions
  • Through heat-dispersion holes provided in the fixed portions of the impeller and the magnet capsule, the liquid around the spindle and the bearing is forced to circulate so that heat generated by sliding can be reduced effectively. Thus, thermal deformation and melt are prevented
  • Designed to prevent contact between the bearing and the rear thrust faces, even during dry running or air ingress into the suction. By preventing contact, the rear thrust ring minimises heat generation to prevent melting of plastic parts

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